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Arcadia of my misspent Youth

Join me on the Sea of Stars?

Hello and welcome to my personal blog!

Who am I? Well, my name is Phillip and I go by the web handle Eeeper in the internets. I'm 27 years old and currently work as a community artist Film student. But in my spare time I run and co-host the anime and manga review website Eeeper's Choice with my brother, codenamed "ONI", heh heh. I also maintain two other websites for friends of mine and try my best to update my main website as often as possible. Which is about once a month two months. When it really should be weekly.

I have successfully started my second podcast I Heart The 80's, dealing with 80's movies. You can find it here

What does the title of my journal mean? Unless you know about anime then it won't sense. Try Googling the words "Arcadia" and "Harlock" together. You should have your question answered.