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Did I do the right thing?

I got the 19a into town today and while on the way, I got to be a good person.

After I got onto the bus, I went upstairs and sat down beside the stairwell on the right with my earphones in. There’s only the front of the top of the bus filled with people, the middle and the back are empty. At the next stop, this auld fella (old man) gets on the bus and heads upstairs. He's got his cans of beer, swigging out of one of them. I pay him no mind, and resume my music appreciation. He’s sitting directly behind me. After a while, a red-haired girl gets on the bus and comes upstairs. She’s really pretty (IMO) and she sits down at the very back of the bus. So the bus continues on, with the middle and back of upstairs starting to fill up.

Now I notice the old guy getting up and moving over to the left and two seats back, looking over his shoulder at something. Bus continues on and the middle is now full. Old guy gets up again and moves to the right and one seat back, looks back. See where I’m going with this? OK, so after a few minutes, he gets up again, moves to the very back of the bus and plonks himself down right next to Red and proceeds to eyeball her. And I mean eyeball her. She starts to look uncomfortable and I’m keeping my eyes peeled on old guy, waiting for him to do something, anything. All the while, I’m glancing at the males in the bus around me, mentally screaming “WHAT THE F^&K IS WRONG WITH YOU!?! ARE YOU ALL BLIND AS WELL AS STUPID!?!” Anyways, nobody does anything, and if they notice, they’re not showing it. Red is now leaning away from the old guy.

So I take a deep breath, take my earphones out and walk to the back of the bus. Ignoring the old guy, I lean in and ask Red “Do you want to swap seats with me?” She says yes, thank you and gets up and walks past me and takes my seat in the middle of the upstairs of the bus. I wait until she’s gone and then sit down two seats ahead of old guy and do nothing except listen to my music. Rest of the bus ride goes without incident and Red gets off the bus in O’Connell Street with no problems. When I get off at Trinity College, the bus had emptied again and there’s only me, a couple, some guys at the front and one blonde girl directly ahead of me. As I get up, I tap her on the shoulder and ask is she getting off at the next stop. She says no and asks why. I tell her not to stay there as the guy behind me (old dude is the only person back there) weirded out the girl I swapped seats with. She says thanks and starts moving. I go downstairs and tell the driver what’s happened. He correctly identifies the old guy and looks at the mirror monitor to see where he is and thanks me. I get off the bus and after a few minutes sitting there doing nothing (I’m assuming he contacted base and informed them), the bus resumes its journey without letting anyone else off.

I swear, after swapping seats with Red, if Old Guy had done anything else, I don’t know what I would have done. I just saw blood red watching the guy. The guy was old enough to be my grandfather and it gave me the creeps watching him.

Did I do the right thing?
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Ring of light, magic might!

Thundering across the stars, to save the universe from the Monster Minds... Jayce searches for his father, to unite the magic root and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of SawBoss. Wheeled Warriors explode into battle--Lightning Strikes!

Here's what I got in the post today:

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It is a far better thing I do...

First up, for tochiro998, I got the Wrath of Khan CD in the post the other day and had a chance to listen to it. Oh, Steve-o I wish you could hear this! The CD is fantastic! My camera's not working at the moment (flat battery, no charger) so I can't show pictures of the awesome work FSM did on the release. The track themselves are brilliant with standout track being #17 Battle in the Mutura Nebula, #22 Epilogue/End Titles and of course #10 Surprise Attack. Listening to these tracks, especially, makes me ten years old again and watching the film for the first time. Every time Horner strikes a note you're there with him watching every phazer blast, photon torpedo and warp jump. However I wanted to call attention to the track simply titled Spock. If you follow this link you can listen to a sample from FSM's servers. It's a short track at about 1:12 but it's nice to hear finally. I remember where in the film this music is, it's the conversation Spock and Kirk have about Kirk taking command of Enterprise. I have concentrated so often on the dialogue in years past that I didn't notice the music. Maybe that's the way the director wanted it but I never paid attention before now. The track is wonderful and light, making a simple set of strings come alive. It didn't peg with me consciously that Spock's theme runs through a lot more of the soundtrack than I noticed before. Also special mention should be the bonus track at the end of the CD titled Epilogue(Original Version)/End Titles. As many will know, the director of Star Trek II, Nicholas Meyer, didn't want to include the end shot of Spock's coffin torpedo tube on Genesis' surface. But Harve Bennett, the executive producer for the film went ahead and shot it anyway, necessitating the need to rewrite the score for that scene. Nothing really amazing about the track itself but a nice what if and different interpretation on a classic film.

Secondly, for sobieniak , I got the last of Samurai Jack on DVD the other day for about $10, total, and that made me think, I should let Chris know about this. Which led in turn to me remembering that I still haven't sent you Only Yesterday. I will get on it soon as.

Finally I got The Middleman on DVD today. I came across this series while on Shout! Factory's website (I was looking to see if they would ship the Matrix of Leadership Transformers box-set to me, no such luck). It's not out here at all on this side of the pond so I decided to give it a whirl. Great first episode, lots of Flash (they pull the who-do-you-like-more: Wally West/Barry Allen? thing out), Batman and X-Men references. Haven't got much further than that but I'll let you all know.
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Domestic God..?

So I was thinking about dinner today and decided to skip worrying about dinner and go straight for afters.

I bought a cake mixture packet the other day with vague ideas about doing it at the weekend but today seemed like a good time to learn how to make fairy cakes (cupcakes to all my American readers).

After making up the mixture, I spooned the lot into cup shapes and put them into the oven. Why the hell do they always say 15-20 minutes in a conventional oven when everyone knows that YOUR oven take ten minutes to char said cakes!?! Arrghh!! Cooking Gods are against me!

So after ten thrown out cakes we have the following result:

I mean I'm a guy and I don't know what I'm doing cooking-wise. I've been making steps over the last two or three years to improve my culinary skills but sweet things I've stayed away from. The sheer logistic nightmare required for baking a cake scares me. Which is daft when you consider the planning is about the same for making, say, a pizza.

Anyways I mixed up some cooking chocolate and this is presented as exhibit D:

So after letting one of the brothers put chocolate over the cakes I left them to cool and then re-applied the second chocolate layer.

Couple of hours later we tucked into the cakes. Ah, chocolate. Is there anything it can't fix?
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Slow, boring and toe stubing start to the day

After waking up today and rushing out to get to the bank, I've had a good morning and a bad morning.Collapse )

A nice web comic published by Lulu.com and created, drawn and written by Paul Taylor (pablowapsi ), Wapsi Square has been ongoing since around 2001. Following the adventures of Meso-American archaeological expert Monica Villarreal (hope I got that name right) with regular life, the Aztec god of drunkenness, Ancient South American demi-gods and her anthromorphological dog Dietzel. I've been reading it for about six months and I'm up to the 2005/2006 archives and felt a need to buy volume 1 of this as reading web comics after a while starts to numb the mind. (Please note I do not include dwinghy nor davemerrill in that feeling. Their web comics don't have 7+ years of archives to go through!) After reading a good chunk of the Wapsi archive I introduced my brother to it and that of shortpacked and right now I'm waiting for Shortpacked Vol1 & 2 to arrive (if they ever do).

The other thing that arrived was Rogue Vol.3 by Howard Mackie and pencils by the late Mike Wieringo. I've always had a soft spot of Marvel Comics reigning Southern Belle even though in recent years I've noticed Marvel's all too willingness to make her character conform to Anna Paquin's turn as the character in the related films. I feel this does a disservice to fans of the character who've been reading her since the early 80's. I began collecting this limited series featuring Rogue in the mid 90's about a year after it originally came out. At the time the series ran, Marvel were running their Age Of Apocalypse storyline and so it went by everyone's radar. Mores the pity as there is good writing on display here and nice, even artwork to admire. I bought vol.1 in Forbidden Planet in Dublin and then got 2 and 4 in Sub City also in Dublin but I could never, despite all my trying, find number 3. So when this turned on eBay last week for only $8 including shipping I decided to finish off my White Whale of a comic.

I've one or two awesome artbooks on the way but I'm not saying a word until I have them in my hands. Don't want to jinx it.

Now all I have to do is find the money to pay outgoings and maybe finish off some of my missing copies of Eureka Seven before I end up having to buy them on eBay. Yet again.</div>
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Crazy ramblings..err, I mean Twitter for the day. Heh heh

Is this thing on?

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