eeeper (eeeper) wrote,

Did I do the right thing?

I got the 19a into town today and while on the way, I got to be a good person.

After I got onto the bus, I went upstairs and sat down beside the stairwell on the right with my earphones in. There’s only the front of the top of the bus filled with people, the middle and the back are empty. At the next stop, this auld fella (old man) gets on the bus and heads upstairs. He's got his cans of beer, swigging out of one of them. I pay him no mind, and resume my music appreciation. He’s sitting directly behind me. After a while, a red-haired girl gets on the bus and comes upstairs. She’s really pretty (IMO) and she sits down at the very back of the bus. So the bus continues on, with the middle and back of upstairs starting to fill up.

Now I notice the old guy getting up and moving over to the left and two seats back, looking over his shoulder at something. Bus continues on and the middle is now full. Old guy gets up again and moves to the right and one seat back, looks back. See where I’m going with this? OK, so after a few minutes, he gets up again, moves to the very back of the bus and plonks himself down right next to Red and proceeds to eyeball her. And I mean eyeball her. She starts to look uncomfortable and I’m keeping my eyes peeled on old guy, waiting for him to do something, anything. All the while, I’m glancing at the males in the bus around me, mentally screaming “WHAT THE F^&K IS WRONG WITH YOU!?! ARE YOU ALL BLIND AS WELL AS STUPID!?!” Anyways, nobody does anything, and if they notice, they’re not showing it. Red is now leaning away from the old guy.

So I take a deep breath, take my earphones out and walk to the back of the bus. Ignoring the old guy, I lean in and ask Red “Do you want to swap seats with me?” She says yes, thank you and gets up and walks past me and takes my seat in the middle of the upstairs of the bus. I wait until she’s gone and then sit down two seats ahead of old guy and do nothing except listen to my music. Rest of the bus ride goes without incident and Red gets off the bus in O’Connell Street with no problems. When I get off at Trinity College, the bus had emptied again and there’s only me, a couple, some guys at the front and one blonde girl directly ahead of me. As I get up, I tap her on the shoulder and ask is she getting off at the next stop. She says no and asks why. I tell her not to stay there as the guy behind me (old dude is the only person back there) weirded out the girl I swapped seats with. She says thanks and starts moving. I go downstairs and tell the driver what’s happened. He correctly identifies the old guy and looks at the mirror monitor to see where he is and thanks me. I get off the bus and after a few minutes sitting there doing nothing (I’m assuming he contacted base and informed them), the bus resumes its journey without letting anyone else off.

I swear, after swapping seats with Red, if Old Guy had done anything else, I don’t know what I would have done. I just saw blood red watching the guy. The guy was old enough to be my grandfather and it gave me the creeps watching him.

Did I do the right thing?
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