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First up, for tochiro998, I got the Wrath of Khan CD in the post the other day and had a chance to listen to it. Oh, Steve-o I wish you could hear this! The CD is fantastic! My camera's not working at the moment (flat battery, no charger) so I can't show pictures of the awesome work FSM did on the release. The track themselves are brilliant with standout track being #17 Battle in the Mutura Nebula, #22 Epilogue/End Titles and of course #10 Surprise Attack. Listening to these tracks, especially, makes me ten years old again and watching the film for the first time. Every time Horner strikes a note you're there with him watching every phazer blast, photon torpedo and warp jump. However I wanted to call attention to the track simply titled Spock. If you follow this link you can listen to a sample from FSM's servers. It's a short track at about 1:12 but it's nice to hear finally. I remember where in the film this music is, it's the conversation Spock and Kirk have about Kirk taking command of Enterprise. I have concentrated so often on the dialogue in years past that I didn't notice the music. Maybe that's the way the director wanted it but I never paid attention before now. The track is wonderful and light, making a simple set of strings come alive. It didn't peg with me consciously that Spock's theme runs through a lot more of the soundtrack than I noticed before. Also special mention should be the bonus track at the end of the CD titled Epilogue(Original Version)/End Titles. As many will know, the director of Star Trek II, Nicholas Meyer, didn't want to include the end shot of Spock's coffin torpedo tube on Genesis' surface. But Harve Bennett, the executive producer for the film went ahead and shot it anyway, necessitating the need to rewrite the score for that scene. Nothing really amazing about the track itself but a nice what if and different interpretation on a classic film.

Secondly, for sobieniak , I got the last of Samurai Jack on DVD the other day for about $10, total, and that made me think, I should let Chris know about this. Which led in turn to me remembering that I still haven't sent you Only Yesterday. I will get on it soon as.

Finally I got The Middleman on DVD today. I came across this series while on Shout! Factory's website (I was looking to see if they would ship the Matrix of Leadership Transformers box-set to me, no such luck). It's not out here at all on this side of the pond so I decided to give it a whirl. Great first episode, lots of Flash (they pull the who-do-you-like-more: Wally West/Barry Allen? thing out), Batman and X-Men references. Haven't got much further than that but I'll let you all know.
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