eeeper (eeeper) wrote,

Domestic God..?

So I was thinking about dinner today and decided to skip worrying about dinner and go straight for afters.

I bought a cake mixture packet the other day with vague ideas about doing it at the weekend but today seemed like a good time to learn how to make fairy cakes (cupcakes to all my American readers).

After making up the mixture, I spooned the lot into cup shapes and put them into the oven. Why the hell do they always say 15-20 minutes in a conventional oven when everyone knows that YOUR oven take ten minutes to char said cakes!?! Arrghh!! Cooking Gods are against me!

So after ten thrown out cakes we have the following result:

I mean I'm a guy and I don't know what I'm doing cooking-wise. I've been making steps over the last two or three years to improve my culinary skills but sweet things I've stayed away from. The sheer logistic nightmare required for baking a cake scares me. Which is daft when you consider the planning is about the same for making, say, a pizza.

Anyways I mixed up some cooking chocolate and this is presented as exhibit D:

So after letting one of the brothers put chocolate over the cakes I left them to cool and then re-applied the second chocolate layer.

Couple of hours later we tucked into the cakes. Ah, chocolate. Is there anything it can't fix?
Tags: cakes
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