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Slow, boring and toe stubing start to the day

After waking up today and rushing out to get to the bank, I've had a good morning and a bad morning.Bad in that the bank locked my online banking account because I couldn't remember one digit in the password. Now I'll have to wait till Thursday or Friday to pay online bills.

Good in the sense of some stuff I ordered last week has arrived. First up is Wapsi Square Volume 1:

A nice web comic published by and created, drawn and written by Paul Taylor (pablowapsi ), Wapsi Square has been ongoing since around 2001. Following the adventures of Meso-American archaeological expert Monica Villarreal (hope I got that name right) with regular life, the Aztec god of drunkenness, Ancient South American demi-gods and her anthromorphological dog Dietzel. I've been reading it for about six months and I'm up to the 2005/2006 archives and felt a need to buy volume 1 of this as reading web comics after a while starts to numb the mind. (Please note I do not include dwinghy nor davemerrill in that feeling. Their web comics don't have 7+ years of archives to go through!) After reading a good chunk of the Wapsi archive I introduced my brother to it and that of shortpacked and right now I'm waiting for Shortpacked Vol1 & 2 to arrive (if they ever do).

The other thing that arrived was Rogue Vol.3 by Howard Mackie and pencils by the late Mike Wieringo. I've always had a soft spot of Marvel Comics reigning Southern Belle even though in recent years I've noticed Marvel's all too willingness to make her character conform to Anna Paquin's turn as the character in the related films. I feel this does a disservice to fans of the character who've been reading her since the early 80's. I began collecting this limited series featuring Rogue in the mid 90's about a year after it originally came out. At the time the series ran, Marvel were running their Age Of Apocalypse storyline and so it went by everyone's radar. Mores the pity as there is good writing on display here and nice, even artwork to admire. I bought vol.1 in Forbidden Planet in Dublin and then got 2 and 4 in Sub City also in Dublin but I could never, despite all my trying, find number 3. So when this turned on eBay last week for only $8 including shipping I decided to finish off my White Whale of a comic.

I've one or two awesome artbooks on the way but I'm not saying a word until I have them in my hands. Don't want to jinx it.

Now all I have to do is find the money to pay outgoings and maybe finish off some of my missing copies of Eureka Seven before I end up having to buy them on eBay. Yet again.
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